You want to start your own business? Versant Avocats ensures that you comply with applicable employment and social security rules

Your branch collective bargaining agreement is not adequate to your activity? Versant Avocats helps you negotiate the appropriate company-wide agreement

You wish to prevent potential employment related risks? Versant Avocats offers a large range of up to date training

You have a restructuring project for your company? We assist you in project creation and implementation.

You want to engage and retain your employees? Versant Avocats gives you the keys to associate your employees to your business’ success

Are you facing an individual action by an employee or a collective dispute? Versant Avocat is at your side to elaborate and implement your defense strategy

Versant Avocats gives you practical solution to help you every day


Versant Avocats has developed several packs tailored to satisfy the most frequent companies’ needs. These packs inform you of all formalities undertaken by us: more transparency for more confidence. Discover our packs!


Versant Avocats provides you with a tool that presents in a simple way key points on specific topics.
These check-lists help you establish a first diagnosis of your obligations as an employer.


Work council pack

Calculation of workforce size
Drafting of pre-electoral agreement
Assistance with elections’ organisation
Dispute management

Start-ups pack

Identification of applicable collective bargaining agreement
Drafting of employment contracts’ template adapted to the company's needs
Implementation and management of working time schemes
Annual meeting with our team on legal development and new compliancy obligations

Foreign companies pack

Summary of French labour applicable laws
Drafting of bilingual employment contracts’ template
Summary of the sectoral collective agreement
Quarterly meetings with our team


Small & medium-sized companies pack

Implementation of employee representatives
Training and advising on relations with employee representatives bodies
Implementation and management of working time schemes
Daily advising
Semi-annual meetings with our team


Hiring an employee

Declaring workplace injuries

Implementing a working time scheme in days

Drafting internal rules and policies

Anticipating the return of an employee from sickleave

Negotiating a collective bargaining agreement

Implementing teleworking

Ensuring medical follow up of the employees

Securing a disciplinary procedure